I wore the same pants for 3 months and no one noticed

As you may know from some of my other posts, I work as a barista in a coffee shop. For as long as I’ve worked there (about two years now), I’ve kept a separate wardrobe just for barista days. This is because the clothes I wear there always end up 1. smelling like coffee, and 2. getting espresso, chocolate powder, or milk splattered on them (I’m not clumsy, I swear).

I have the perfect pair of pants for this job. They are comfy, strechy skinny jeans, and they are a mix of dark purple and black, in an almost watercolor design. I’m telling you, I can get all the espresso on them I want and you can hardly tell.

I used to also wear another pair or two of pants, usually black or brown skinny jeans, but because of their solid color, stains were still pretty noticeable.

So when it came time to do another quarterly wardrobe clearout, I asked myself if I really needed more than one pair of pants for my then once-a-week barista job. And the answer was no.

A few months ago though, I picked up two additional shifts there, so now I work and wear the same purple-black pants three days a week.

And so far, no one has noticed.

Now, I’ve wondered if maybe it’s just that I stand behind the counter a lot, so most people don’t even see my pants. But, the thing about being a barista is that you’re watched a lot. People are interested in how their drink is made, and I catch people watching me quite often. They see me steam the milk and ring them up while my lower half is hidden behind the counter; but they also watch me walk to the fridge to get a new jug of milk, or walk across the room to refill the cream and sugar. They see me try and carry one-too-many stacks of cups up from the storage room.

And I know people have seen these pants because I have gotten a number of comments on their unique color pattern.

Now you’d think that one of our regular customers would have noticed my “uniform” by now and said something. Especially because I do get comments on my appearance a lot. People ask how long it took me to get my hair into dreads. They comment on my “never-ending collection of cool tshirts” (which is also hilarious because I literally wear the same 4 shirts over and over. And if it’s cold, I wear the same green hoodie overtop — open, so you can see my tshirt underneath — and sometimes the same scarf.)

When I got the “never-ending collection of cool tshirts” comment, I actually said to him, “Really? Cause I feel like I have like three and just wear them over and over again!” To which he said, “Oh! I guess I never noticed!”

I couldn’t believe it.

But it just goes to show that people don’t noticed things nearly as much as we think they will. And, when they do notice something about you, it’s usually something positive.

What items in your wardrobe can you declutter? What are you hanging on to out of some idea that we need to “mix things up” or “keep things interesting” for other people? If you knew they wouldn’t notice, is there a favorite outfit you would wear more often? Why not every day?

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  • I own two pairs of jeans, one blue and one black. I rarely ever wear the blue jeans and end up wearing the black ones constantly. No one has ever noticed (or at least didn’t say anything if they did!)
    It comes back to quality too. The black jeans are a designer label I got at a consignment store and they just wear so so well and feel great. You can buy fewer pieces when you pay attention to quality and buy used. They won’t wear out as fast.

    • That’s so true! Buying fewer, nicer quality pieces allows for a minimal wardrobe that you can easily rewear. Helps, too, when the pieces are classic and simple (ie your black jeans), as opposed to some super intense print that would be more easily remembered.

  • Interesting post, personally think it’s because most people are self absorbed and don’t notice what other people are doing unless it is obvious in their face. When pregnant I had limited clothes at the beginning didn’t bother me but after a while really affected my mood. A great way to save money though

    • Yes, so true, people are self absorbed. Similarly, each of us is self absorbed in that we assume others will care what we wear! When really everyone is just living their own life. I wonder if wearing the same few outfits would affect my mood if I didn’t wear other things in between. Definitely worth buying more things if it will improve your quality of life!

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