Sweater hangers for bump-free shoulders

sweater shoulder bumps

I have this one top that’s nice to wear for an evening out. It’s a dark grey, faux-wrap top that’s classy and simple. I’ve had it for years and it’s been a go-to piece for things like my boyfriend’s company Christmas dinner or an evening out with the girls.

But one thing that’s always been a challenge with it is storing it. It’s a thin, stretchy material so if I hang it, it gets terrible “shoulder nipples“. And if I fold it, it gets terrible fold lines. And since I refuse to own an iron, neither of these storing options work for me.

For years I just sort of dealt with it until finally, I remembered: Don’t they make those hangers that are specifically designed for tops like this?

I wrote down on my to-do list that when I get some spare time this week I will check into this and my problem will be solved!

Well. I just spent the last hour or so looking into this, reading blog posts and watching youtube videos. And long story short, I ended up on Amazon at what I probably would have bought if it weren’t for one thing:

I remembered the Diderot Effect.

And I realized that I was about to spend $15 or $20 for a pack of 4 or 10 hangers respectively, when all I really need is one. “I wish I could just buy one,” I thought. “Maybe I could get lucky and happen upon one at a second hand store…”

And then I thought, “No. This is silly,” and came up with an¬†alternative solution: get rid of the top.

Truth be told, this top is more trouble than it’s worth. The fact that I can’t simply, easily, and quickly store it like all my other clothes, should have raised a red flag for me sooner.

My goal is to design my life to be as streamlined as possible. Is that a goal of yours, too? One simple place to start looking is within any set of items you have that need to be stored: be it your closet, your bathroom cabinets and drawers, or your kitchen.

What fits? What takes up way too much space? What do you own more than one of? What requires too much maintenance or upkeep relative to the value it offers?

As I said, I’ve had this top for years. But I’ve only worn it a few times each year. I probably would have worn it more often if it hadn’t been wrinkled or shoulder-bumpy when I pulled it out of the closet.

Its time has come. Bye-bye, Inconvenience Top. You served me well, but I no longer choose to put unnecessary effort into you.

What do you own that’s more effort than it’s worth?

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